I am truly amazed right now… God is showing us (Ian & I) something that is challenging yet excites us both. It all started with NPR (we both love National Public Radio)… they had a segment in November on these 2 new Bibles that were just released (You can read or listen to it here). The Green Bible intrigued me… I decided to look it up and sent the info on to Ian. On Christmas morning, I received my very own Green Bible, courtesy of my dear husband. I flipped through the book and savored the feel and simplicity of this environmentally friendly Word of God. Christmas evening, I finally got to sit down with this new treasure and began exploring. The Introduction by J. Matthew Sleeth, M.D. drew me in… His testimony and faith journey fascinated me and I was moved to tears. On a short drive to Ocala to visit the Grandparents the day after Christmas, I read the entire Introduction to Ian (and our kids who were somewhat listening). After sharing our new gift and telling others about this man, Dr. Sleeth, who wrote the introduction, we decided to do a little research and see what we could find out about him and his ministry. We discovered a book that he wrote entitled, “Serve God, Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action.” In looking further, we found that he wrote a 10 week group study guide to go along with it. I am excited to read the book and am praying over whether we should start a group and be challenged to action and in reaching out. For more information on Dr. Sleeth’s ministry click here. We’ll keep you posted!

The Green Bible

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