Stuff… and its story.

We have too much stuff right now… we are getting closer to adding our 4th baby and we are going to rearrange kids rooms to make room for the crib (again).  It seems like we clean out the kids rooms at least once a month and somehow, more stuff accumulates and shows up within several weeks and their rooms are full again (including other rooms like: the laundry room, the office/study, etc).  We’re all guilty of adding to the chaos of stuff or remixing the stuff we already have.  Several months ago, a friend sent me a video to watch… it is entitled, “The Story of Stuff.”  This video truly confired a lot of what we had been learning about smart purchasing and affirmed our newly found “think (I mean really think) before you buy philosophy.  I challenge everyone to take the 20 + minutes to watch this video… in the meantime, I’m going to get to all this stuff, and find a new home for it!

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