Bon Appétit Article

Many people may not know this, but Ian is quite a “chef.” He really enjoys cooking, baking and playing in the kitchen (we both do, actually). For Christmas 2007, we received a gift subscription to Bon Appétit Magazine and have enjoyed perusing it, but we’ve honestly been a little intimidated to try and recipes that are included. This past Holiday Season, I (Carolyn) finally was motivated to try one out. We were in North GA for a family reunion over Thanksgiving and I made the Spiced Holiday Bundt Cake. The cake was a hit and everyone enjoyed it (thank goodness!)… now we’re excited to see what other recipes come our way in each issue. However, to our pleasant surprise this month, we received the January issue which features a list of 50 Ways To Eat Green. We were encouraged again to think about what we buy at the grocery and continue to seek out local food options. If you get a chance, I encourage you to read the article/list and see how you or your family can make adjustments towards greener eating. Bon Appétit!

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