Say what? Okay, you probably know it better as “high fructose corn syrup.” We’ve been trimming this “bad” sweetener out of lives as much as we can. When we started looking at the ingredients of everything we were buying (it’s been over a year now) to check if HFCS was in it, I was amazed (and still am) at how many “everyday” foods contain this fake way of sweetening something. Things that aren’t even sweet have it… many varieties and brands of crackers, bread, salad dressings, the list goes on and on. I have to admit, there is one thing I have struggled giving up that contains HFCS: Coke. I enjoy a tasty coke every now and then… if we’re out to dinner perhaps. It’s not something we buy at the store and keep in stock on hand. But… I’m definitely re-thinking anything I put in my body that may contain HFCS. I read this article and am wanting to share it with anyone who has the time (or care) to read it. Yes, it is an opinion article, but it is from an investigative journalist who has researched and knows his stuff. Click here to check it out on Natural News’ site.

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