“Parables from Nature” Part II

So I’m finally getting back to writing “Part II.” I know that I’ve been in need of a refreshing of my soul and mind… perhaps through sharing what I have enjoyed and loved learning from this latest chapter in Parables from Nature that I will have a renewed peace and joy myself. I just want to say thank you to those of you who do read what I lay out in such open space (I mean, really… this is the world wide web!). I truly value and appreciate all comments and feedback. You all have been a blessing to me!

Let everything that breathes praise the Lord! – Psalm 150:6

The chapter is entitled The Voices of the Earth from Parables from Nature. The author’s creativity in sharing a new perspective of nature having thoughts and yes, purpose, is so enlightening. The two elements, the Wind and Earth (Mountains and Valleys, etc), are in conflict with one another. The wind is basically frustrated with the world and longs to “cease to be”. The Mountains and Valleys declare to the maddened wind, “[you have] the privilege of refreshing the earth and its inhabitants, why turn aside to hold judgment and condemn? Enough that thou fulfill thine own appointed work, and, in so doing, exist to the glory of the Creator.” Yet the Wind decides to share it’s burdens and misery.

“It is for the honour of man, and the glory of his Creator, that I am so troubled…For even now, in these my days of misery, I carry out unwearyingly the great decree. Still I bear aloft from tropical seas, in ceaseless revolution round the world, those vapours which must descend in northern latitudes a dew, or rain, or snow. Still I labour – still I love to labour in the way ordained. But woe for me! another burden than labour is upon me now! Woe for the pollution I have suffered, since the earth was overspread by the wretched race of men! Woe for their civilised lands, which I must needs pass through! Woe for the cities, and towns, and villages, their haunts and habitations, which I cannot avoid! Woe! for I bear thence in my bosom the blasphemies of the multitudes, and am laden with the burden of ingratitude, denial, and doubt. Woe that I must spread these black results of misguided reason from pole to pole! Woe that I must carry up the jests of the scorner and the oaths of the intemperate, as incense from man to his Maker: from man formed in His image, and boasting in his faculties of sense! Oh that I could pass away and cease from being! and that with me might perish these fruits of an evil heart of unbelief!”

Wow. What truth is written in these words. There is discussion back and forth between the Wind and Mountains and Valleys, the Mountains and Valleys always pointing towards God and the good that is on Earth. In a final outcry, the Mountains and Valleys share:

“Count the laughs of frolic childhood. Count the murmurs of happy love. Count the stars if thou wilt, but thou canst never count the daily outpourings of common earthly joys. Alas for those who judge of life only by startling periods, and are deaf to the still small voices, which tell of hourly mercies, hour by hour!

This chapter was full of realities of our world today, yet abounds with hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, for mercies afresh, and for love to prevail, as God’s Word proclaims. What will the Wind carry from your city? Or your neighborhood? What about your home? And even from your own mouth? These are difficult questions that cause one to ponder their purpose and daily living. What can I do to make a difference? I encourage to first ask God, seek Him in His Word (the Bible) and pray. There are many opportunities to join Him in His work wherever you live. I challenge all of us to set a goal that will honor our Creator. Even just one step, one change, can make a difference in this World. I pray that you are refreshed, encouraged and have a new sense of hope!

Our soul waits for the Lord; He is our help and shield. Our heart is glad in Him, because we trust in His holy name. Let Your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us, even as we hope in You. – Psalm 33:20-22


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