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Reilly Clothes Line

Reilly Clothes Line

So, Mr. Reilly (aka Ian) built this wonderful clothes line for us last weekend. I have been amazed at how enjoyable and easy it is using this as our sole method for drying laundry! We went the entire week without using our dryer and we wash a lot of loads throughout the week (probably about one a day). The kids also enjoy helping hang the laundry and being handy clothespin assistants! :-)

One wonderful element about drying laundry out doors is the time spent simply being outside… listening to the sounds of nature (the Robins are in full excitement and anticipation of Spring right now!). It does not feel like “work” to hang laundry… it takes time and slows me down for a bit. Allows me time to reflect on many things… God’s beauty, the sun and it’s warmth, my day so far. Having a chance to pause and think is truly a blessing. Another advantage is once the clothes are dry, it is easy to fold them as you pull them down one at a time. Then they are ready to be brought inside and put away easily (unlike our past habit of letting clothes sit in a basket for a day or two before we got to folding them). Every little bit we can do towards eliminating fossil fuel usage is a forward momentum towards saving our planet.

I challenge your family to consider ways to “go green” and set goals or develop a basic plan. Here are several ideas from the back of The Green Bible:

1. Turn off the faucet while brushing teeth or shaving.
2. Turn the thermostat up three degrees (in summer) and down three degrees (in winter). In the spring and fall, open the windows as often as possible.
3. Wash dished by hand in a dishpan and only run the dishwasher with a full load. Do not use heat for the drying cycle.
4. Wash clothes in the coolest water possible.
5. Turn off lights, TV, music, and digital entertainment when leaving the room for any length of time.
6. Take a day of rest – no shopping, no work, no driving – once a week.
7. Recycle everything possible; don’t buy overpackaged items.
8. Donate a box of books to the library twice a year.
9. Hand-wash clothes instead of dry cleaning them whenever possible.
10. Clean out closets and donate clothes not worn in the past year.
11. Memorize one Bible verse about God’s love for creation, such as Psalm 24:1: “The earth is the LORD’s and all that is in it.
12. Install low-flow showerheads. Take showers instead of baths (they use less water).
13. Replace incnadescent with compact fluorescent bulbs.
14. Clean or replace air filters throughout the house.
15. Disconnect the ice machine in your freezer, especially if you have two or more.
16. Unplug the TV and other electronic equipment when not in use or put them on a switched power strip.
17. Donate old cell phones, computers, and printers to a good cause or recycle them.

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