Blessed Earth Day!

When I told my son that Earth Day was today, he asked me, “Isn’t everyday earth day?” Out of the mouth of babes (or a 9 year old)! We plan on going to the UF campus to see the celebration they have going on today honoring this blessed planet that we live on. I also wanted to share with you an excellent book that has just been released this month called, Go Green, Save Green. Nancy Sleeth (wife to Dr. Matthew Sleeth who wrote Serve God, Save the Planet) authored the book and what a great book it is! Go Green, Save Green is a practical, hands on approach to starting the “greening” process… anyone can go green! There are daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly action plans given on a variety of everyday life subjects. Home, Lawn & Garden, Automobile, Work, even throwing parties or special celebrations! This is a book that can be picked up again and again to find new ideas and ways to save money and the earth as well as receive encouragement and scriptures that point to God’s heart for His creation. I highly recommend buying Go Green, Save Green and getting started with saving money and more importantly, caring for the earth! After all, it is Earth Day… everyday!ggsg-cover

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