One Month

We are due with baby number 4 in one month. Wow. I am so excited about our little girl soon to arrive. What I am even more excited about is our decision to have a home birth. After the first three children being born at hospitals, with epidurals and other medications, I have wanted to experience the joy of natural childbirth. “Joy?” you ask… well, yes. I shared in a past blog about being down cast and how through our sufferings, God brings hope. See Romans 5:3-5.

So… since we discovered we were pregnant, we have been on a quest, so to speak, to figure out our ideal birth for this baby. A friend suggested we watch a documentary called, “The Business of Being Born.” This was truly helpful for me! Learning the history of birth in America and seeing it played out in our culture today… it truly has become like a “business” instead of a gift that God created women to be able to do. After watching this, we decided to look into having a home birth. We found a wonderful group of Midwives here in Gainesville, called the Midwives Cooperative, and we’ve been meeting with them (in the comfort of our own home) since I was 9 weeks pregnant!

One of the fun things is preparing everything that we will need for a home birth, including ordering a birth kit, which the Midwives give a specific place to order from. The place to order our birth kit from is called “In His Hands.” God has just been all over (and around) this pregnancy! So, we ordered our birth kit and once it arrived, it was such a blessing to receive a prayer bookmark on the very top of the package. I’d like to share it as it truly has become my prayer for our labor and birth of our baby girl. We long to bring glory to God and I am counting on joy from Him through any pain during the birth process.

Labor Prayer
Dear Father,
thank You for this new baby.
Would You protect and nurture
this baby and bring
this pregnancy to full term.
In labor, would You remove all
fear and replace it
with faith and expectation.
Please give those attending
the birth wisdom to take the
best care of mother and baby.
Please let this baby be
born normal and whole,
healthy and strong,
and at home with no
complications with
baby or mother.
Father, thank you for
Hearing my prayer, for
I pray in the name of
Him who is called
The Mighty God,
The Everlasting Father,
The Prince of Peace.
by Donna Wilson

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