May – June Pictures

Here are some pictures of Joy Elizabeth from the past 2 weeks…She is 3 weeks old today! There’s also some from end of May and early June… enjoy! (Click on picture to view the photo gallery)

One Response to May – June Pictures

  • tava says:

    beautiful pics! thanks for sharing. i can’t believe how big she already looks by these pics… starting to hold her head up… ohhhhh… i just want to hold her and kiss that precious new baby skin… you guys sure make beautiful children… i can’t decide who she looks like though… just gorgeous… love the garden too… you guys have been busy… post more pics soon… i love watching her grow… feels like i’m not so far away… we love & miss u guys!!!! tava :) xoxoxoxotttttttttxoxoxooxoxo hugs, kisses & prayers