Madam How and Lady Why

If your heart be pure and sober, gentle and truthful, then
Lady Why speaks to you without words, and tells
you things which Madam How and all her pupils, the
men of science, can never tell. When you lie, it may
be, on a painful sick-bed, but with your mother’s
hand in yours; when you sit by her, looking up into
her loving eyes; when you gaze out towards the setting
sun, and fancy golden capes and islands in the
clouds, and seas and lakes in the blue sky, and the infinite
rest and peace of the far west sends rest and
peace into your young heart, till you sit silent and
happy, you know not why; when sweet music fills
your heart with noble and tender instincts which
need no thoughts or words; ay, even when you
watch the raging thunder-storm, and feel it to be, in
spite of its great awfulness, so beautiful that you
cannot turn your eyes away: at such times as these
Lady Why is speaking to your soul of souls, and saying,
“My child, this world is a new place, and strange,
and often terrible: but be not afraid. All will come
right at last. Rest will conquer Restlessness; Faith will
conquer Fear; Order will conquer Disorder; Health
will conquer Sickness; Joy will conquer Sorrow;
Pleasure will conquer Pain; Life will conquer Death;
Right will conquer Wrong. All will be well at last.
Keep your soul and body pure, humble, busy,
pious—in one word, be good: and ere you die, or after
you die, you may have some glimpse of Me, the Everlasting
Why: and hear with the ears, not of your
body but of your spirit, men and all rational beings,
plants and animals, ay, the very stones beneath your
feet, the clouds above your head, the planets and the
suns away in farthest space, singing eternally,
“ ‘Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory
and honour and power, for Thou hast created all
things, and for Thy pleasure they are and were created.’ ”
-Charles Kingsley in his book, Madam How and Lady Why

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