Diary of an Old Soul

I recently purchased a book entitled, “Diary of an Old Soul” by George MacDonald. He was a Scottish author who inspired great writers such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolken. We discovered Mr. MacDonald through Ambleside Online, our home school curriculum guide which had his book “The Princess and the Goblin” as a literature selection for Year 2. Jonas read it first and loved it! Then Evelyn, and she enjoyed it just as much. We were then on a quest to find his other books… and behold, “Diary of an Old Soul” entered our lives. This book is a devotional in poetry form… simple words of wisdom written from the heart of a man who was truly abiding in Christ. Below is a sample that I would like to share that specifically struck me because of the importance I am finding in having time in quiet solitude with God in the morning hours.

October 6th

From sleep I wake, and wake to think of thee.
But wherefore not with sudden glorious glee?
Why burst not gracious on me heaven and earth
In all the splendor of a new-day-birth?
Why hangs a cloud betwixt my Lord and me?
The moment that my eyes the morning greet,
My soul should panting rush to clasp thy father-feet.

October 7th

Is it because it is not thou I see,
But only my poor, blotted fancy of thee?
Oh, never till thyself reveal thy face,
Shall I be flooded with life’s vital grace.
Oh, make my mirror-heart thy shining-place,
And then my soul, awaking with the morn,
Shall be a waking joy, eternally new-born.

Amen! May our mornings be full of waking joy and being new-born each day!

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